We love bringing our members together! Connecting people is at the heart of Bird Key Yacht Club, which is why our first priority is creating a robust and diversified social calendar. We recognize that your interests reach beyond the bay front, which is why you’ll find a variety of food and wine events, athletic activities, social gatherings and holiday celebrations. We encourage you to bring your talents and interests to Bird Key Yacht Club to enhance our rich community of vibrant individuals..


Bird Key Yacht Club's Social Committee is filled with some of the brightest lights in our membership. The committee’s job is to solicit ideas from members for the wide variety of parties offered each month throughout the year. Parties include farm-to-table community pool side dining; luaus on Lido Beach; impersonators of popular performers such as Frank Sinatra and Elton John; Sarasota's top dance bands; jazz brunches and even the occasional black tie gala. Fresh ideas for events are not only welcome, they are encouraged. Our goal? To bring our membership together under our motto, “anchored in friendship.”

Wine Events

Our members love exploring the world through food and wine presented by our award-winning kitchen. And we continue to create new opportunities to celebrate this culinary passion together at the club. Wine pairings and wine dinners are arranged with our Executive Chef to provide special evenings focused on introducing members to new wines and vintners. Members also enjoy informal wine tastings paired with small plates as part of our Wine Dinner featured menus.



Our members lead exciting lives outside of Bird Key Yacht Club and often they use the club as the location to bring their outside interests bay side. For all our members, our facility is always available to host a variety of organized luncheons. Many luncheons involve either fashion shows or prominent speakers. Or, connect and plan new adventures on the high seas of the Gulf or our intracoastal waterway.


Bird Key Yacht Club offers a wide range of interest groups and events. These include art, photography, bowling, bocce ball, bridge, fashion, line dancing, trivia, yoga, and many others. Love Tai Chi by the bay or wine and words book club? We invite you to bring your passions to our club and see what and who you can inspire.

Holiday Gatherings

Many families have adopted Bird Key Yacht Club as their home for celebrating holiday traditions. Our activities over Easter weekend are filled with children's crafts, easter egg hunts, a fabulous lobster dinner, and a delicious Easter brunch. Our Fourth of July event is packed with an arcade of games for all ages, barbecue, and the best view of Sarasota’s spectacular fireworks. Our club also loves to live it up with events on Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve. And we know that everyday can be someone special occasion, which is why we love to kick-it-up-a-notch on any given opportunity to celebrate members' birthdays and anniversaries!